August 16, 2023
Dinara Connect: A Partner Network to Fuel the Crypto Economy
Dinara Connect is a partner network initiative to connect Dinara clients with critical infrastructure providers to drive growth and business development, and help them spend more time building


It is clear that founding teams and operations leaders in crypto face meaningful challenges to efficiently finding and vetting institutional partners. Unlike the traditional startup landscape, there isn’t yet a coordinated approach to early stage company support.

Many founders are left improvising when they need support, choosing ad hoc point solutions without a clear understanding of when each one will be needed, and where to go to find them.

Announcing: Dinara Connect

This is why we are launching Dinara Connect: a comprehensive partner network that brings together institutional, trusted partners to our clients, helping them build faster and more efficiently.

This initiative will provide startups, VCs, and other businesses with access to leading financial, legal, technical, and advisory providers who can help their companies grow and scale.

We believe that the right suite of tools and relationships at the right time can help founders navigate the complexities of early stage crypto building. By removing headaches and friction, and reducing costs, we and our partners can help our clients spend more time building their business. 

As founders and operators, you and your team should be focused on creating innovative products and scaling them to the growing community of crypto users, not worrying about fragmented custody, ambiguous tax codes, and time-consuming development processes. 

Put simply, we see this as the first step in creating an enterprise-grade infrastructure stack that helps crypto projects get off the ground and legitimize the crypto industry’s approach to company building. In line with this, we will be incorporating our partners into our onboarding process for new clients, ensuring that every Dinara client has access to the services they need – when they need them – whether that is days after incorporation or years into their startup journey.

Through Dinara Connect, partners will benefit from a new customer acquisition channel as a partner to Dinara’s growing client base. With these partnerships, Dinara clients will have access to vetted partners and preferred pricing structures. At launch, services will include:

  • Business insurance policies and underwriting developed specifically for the unique challenges crypto founders protect against
  • Tax and accounting solutions built for crypto teams and their activity across DeFi, NFTs, revenue recognition, and more
  • Enterprise-grade fractional financial partners that operate dynamically to meet the needs of their early-stage clients
  • Blockchain data and compliance services to remain compliant in an uncertain regulatory environment
  • Development solutions critical to running high-performance, multi-chain, low-latency blockchain infrastructure
  • Comprehensive suite of crypto startup legal services

Dinara is launching with a select number of launch partners:

Laurence Latimer, Dinara’s co-founder and CEO shared, “Dinara Connect will help fuel the crypto economy by strengthening our community through partnership, shared knowledge, and collaboration. The purpose of this initiative is to make it easy and simple for founders to quickly onboard trusted and vetted partners so they can focus on building and growing their businesses. The industry is at a critical inflection point and we are stronger when we work together to drive inclusive growth.”

What one of our current customers offered about the program:

Coert Voorhees, CEO and co-founder of Arden Labs, shared, "The access to best-in-class partners and services through Dinara Connect is critical as our company navigates the complex world of crypto. Access to this network of partners saves the team countless hours and the seamless integration with Dinara's banking platform makes managing our finances easier than ever. We look forward to building on this successful foundation."

While we are focused on bringing together complementary financial services solutions today, we expect to expand this initiative to include a variety of services that are widely needed across the ecosystem. We’d love to chat with you if you’re supporting crypto founders.

To learn more about Dinara Connect and how to become a partner or take advantage of Dinara’s existing partner network, visit or reach out to Read more in our press release here or via Mirror.

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