February 8, 2024
Dinara Digest: January 2024

Below you will find Dinara’s highlights from January, as well as a quick year-end recap.

💸 we opened up our advanced payments solution to limited alpha, which will allow Dinara customers to create and execute mass payment actions. For example, Dinara customers can now send tokens to hundreds of wallet addresses in just a few clicks.

🥩 we launched our integration with Lido, allowing Dinara customers to seamlessly connect with the industry’s largest liquid staking protocol securely from their Dinara account.

🗞️ our CEO Laurence Latimer wrote a piece for Inc., sharing his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can succeed in the face of industry headwinds.

🗞️ we will be at ETHDenver this month, co-hosting several events, including a brunch on Thursday, February 29 and a small, private dinner with other crypto founders and VCs. If you or your team will be in Denver, let us know – we’d love to see you there!

If you’re interested in learning more about Dinara, please reach out to sales@dinara.com.

If you like what we’re building, we’d love your support on social media: Twitter/X | LinkedIn

Dinner at Kokkari in San Francisco!
Dinner at Kokkari in San Francisco!

✨ New Products & Solutions

Our offering continues to improve – adding to our suite of products and delivering support for the core financial services workflows that our customers need. More to come!

🦄 Advanced Payments with Dinara

Some of the most-requested capabilities we have received from customers and potential customers alike center around payments functionality. We are incredibly excited to share that we are now in limited alpha for our advanced payments solution.

What does ‘advanced payments’ mean to Dinara and its customers? It means that businesses building with Dinara can now send crypto to as many addresses as they need to in one workflow. Just provide Dinara with the addresses and amounts, and start making mass payments.

As an example, companies can now send 100 OP tokens 1,000 user addresses to reward them for interacting with one of your products.

We are excited about this release not only because it helps our customers more easily make payments but because it is the next important step to delivering on our promise of making Dinara a fully-integrated platform from which founders and operations teams can run their digital asset business.

If you’re interested in how we can help support your payments needs, please reach out! We’d love to share how we’re building a platform that can support end-to-end digital asset workflows.

🥩 Integrating with Lido

Since launching our WalletConnect functionality, we have continued to integrate with the top decentralized applications in the industry. One of the protocols core to crypto’s decentralized security and financial use case is Lido, the liquid staking provider.

Lido allows users and companies to secure proof of stake networks and earn a yield on staked assets while retaining the ability to use the staked asset (e.g., stETH) in DeFi.

This integration allows Dinara customers to access liquid staking solutions directly from their Dinara wallets. While customers can stake natively on the Dinara platform, liquid staking allows them to put these staked assets to use while earning a yield.

✨ Upcoming Events

Our team will be at ETHDenver in late February, excited to get together with early stage teams building the future of crypto protocols. We will be co-hosting a brunch (register here!) as well as a small, private dinner. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know!

We are also hosting a dinner at Republique in Los Angeles in mid-February. We’d love to host you! If the event reaches capacity, please add yourself to the waitlist and we will make sure to save you a place at our next dinner event.

If you are interested in co-hosting an event with Dinara, please reach out to our team.

Are you or someone in your network building in crypto and looking for crypto banking services, custody, and fiat on/off ramp support?

Reach out to sales@dinara.com, or visit us at www.dinara.com.

The Dinara Team

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