August 2, 2023
Dinara Digest: July 2023
July saw several product launches, including fiat off-ramps, enhanced L1 blockchain and token support, and the release of API access.

July’s highlights:

💸 the launch of our fiat off-ramp solution – move between stablecoins and USD seamlessly.

⛓️ the launch of our enhanced custody solution – custody any asset on any chain with Dinara.

⌨️ we have opened up our APIs to allow customers to access account information easily.

📱 the release of our Android application – Android users now have the same experience as iOS users – excuse the ironic emoji here.

🍽️ several upcoming dinner events, including one in Miami for crypto founders and investors.

📰 the launch of this newsletter!

If you’re interested in what we’re building we’d love your support on socials: Twitter/X | LinkedIn


✨ New Products & Solutions

Despite headwinds in the crypto industry in 2023, our team has remained focused on building out our platform and delivering the products that our customers need. We are excited to share the progress we’ve made in recent weeks.  And we're eager to share what we’re in the lab building for the fall.

💸 Fiat Off-Ramps

Dinara recently announced the launch of an off-ramp solution that lets firms seamlessly convert stablecoins to fiat deposits in their bank account, allowing them to comprehensively manage their crypto-fiat operations. 

We believe that crypto assets will become part of the mainstream financial system and this is an important milestone in our mission to streamline the financial operations for any business that manages and transacts across both crypto and fiat. 

Vai Gupta, co-founder and CTO at Bonfire commented, "Dinara is committed to partnership and creating a best-in-class experience for clients. Working with the team has been a game-changer for us as we have been able to bring our digital assets on a more structured and secure platform. We were thrilled to work with them on this solution while further diversifying our financial portfolio."

If you are looking for a crypto-friendly banking services partner that provides crypto custody and fiat off-ramping capabilities, please reach out – we’d love to support you.

Press Release | Blog Post | LinkedIn | Twitter

⛓️ Alternative L1 & Token Support

In Q2, we completed development of an enhanced custody solution, Dinara Managed Wallet (DMW), that enables clients to securely hold a wide range of new or long-tail tokens on our platform, including layer-1 networks and tokens built on them that are otherwise unsupported by traditional custodians. 

The decision to introduce this new custody solution was driven by increasing demand from clients who want secure asset storage for tokens not typically supported by other platforms. With Dinara, the assets will be seamlessly integrated into the platform’s user interface, providing clients with a unified experience across all supported assets.

We are live and supporting several clients across a handful of under-supported chains.

If you are managing assets unsupported by other custodians, come talk to us about supporting those assets – we’d love to help you.

Press Release | Blog Post | LinkedIn | Twitter

⌨️ API Access

We are excited to share that Dinara is opening up its APIs for read-only access to customers. 

Customers are now able to access important account information – including balances and transactions – through our API. This has been a common request from our early customers, and they will now be able to integrate data from their Dinara accounts with other applications in their financial operations stack. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this, please reach out.

📱 Android App

We are also excited to share that Dinara now supports Android devices. 

Dinara customers who have Android devices can now use them to authenticate login credentials, transactions, and new wallet addresses.

Dinara uses a passwordless authentication infrastructure, allowing customers to sign into their account, confirm transactions, and complete quorum approvals using their mobile device.

If you are a customer, you can download the Dinara Android app here.


🗓️ Upcoming Events

🌁 Dinner with Dinara and SVB in San Francisco on 8/2

Dinara is hosting a dinner in San Francisco with financial operations leaders at crypto VCs and startups on August 2, 2023. 

Please reach out if you’re interested in our next event – we expect to host or co-host ~one dinner a month in the Bay Area going forward.

🏖️ Florida Launch Dinner in Miami on 8/8

To commemorate our upcoming launch in Florida, we are hosting crypto founders, operators, and select investors for dinner in the Wynwood area of Miami on August 8, 2023. 

We still have 1-2 seats available for this event, so please reach out if you are in Miami or know of some great crypto founders who are.


Are you building in crypto and looking for crypto banking services, custody, and/or fiat off-ramp support? Reach out to or visit us at

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