November 9, 2023
Dinara Digest: October 2023

We’re excited to share updates on our progress in October. This monthly newsletter is dedicated to sharing product updates, announcements, and more happening at Dinara.

Check out Dinara’s highlights from October:

👜 We are closing in on the launch of our WalletConnect feature, which will allow Dinara customers to access and use third-party applications directly from their Dinara account. This expands the number of use cases we can help our customers solve.

🍽️ Dinara hosted dinners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle to better understand how we can deliver for our customers and partners. These events continue to be catalytic in helping us build deeper relationships with existing and potential customers, and in expanding our network to support those around the table. 

🎰 our co-founders Laurence and Keith attended Money20/20, spending time with existing and potential partners. It was great to see growing optimism on the important role that digital assets and blockchain technology will play in the future of finance.

🎙️ Laurence sat down at Money20/20 with Lou Carlozo from the Bankadelic podcast to discuss the future of finance. We believe that the next wave of crypto innovation will be spurred on by widespread enterprise adoption and at Dinara we're making that as seamless as possible. Listen here!

Some photos from our team’s travels in October!

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✨ New Products & Solutions

Our team continues to improve – adding to our suite of products and delivering support for the core financial services workflows that our customers need. More to come!

📱 WalletConnect

Our mission has always been to make it as easy, simple, and seamless for our end users to manage their digital asset operations. 

We’re closing in on the public launch of our WalletConnect feature and are actively working to set up several existing customers with beta access. This will allow our customers to access third-party applications – e.g., Uniswap and other decentralized applications – directly from their Dinara accounts. 

For some of our customers, there are applications external to Dinara that are important to their workflows. This feature will allow those users access to those workflows without having to move assets between counterparties or wallet providers, limiting the risks associated with moving assets across vendors and streamlining operational procedures. 

Please reach out to learn more – we’d love to share how we’re building Dinara as a platform that can support end-to-end digital asset workflows.

✨ Upcoming Events

Our team had an extremely productive October, hosting several dinners and spending quality in-person time with potential and existing partners throughout the month. We hosted at Cotogna in San Francisco, Fia Restaurant in Los Angeles, and Rider in Seattle.

These in-person events continue to be great opportunities to build deeper connections with those already in our network, and meet new teams building at the forefront of the crypto industry. 

We are excited to continue hosting events in November and December, and into 2024!

We already have some great events lined up for the rest of the year:

🌉 Dinner with Dinara in San Francisco

We’ll be co-hosting a ~15-person dinner in San Francisco for other crypto founders and operators with Vouch, the leading web3 insurance provider. While we are just about at capacity, we would love to include anyone interested in the next dinner that we host in San Francisco.

⛰️ Dinner with Dinara in Miami

We’ll be hosting a ~10-15-person dinner in Miami in early December for other crypto founders and operators. If you’re interested in joining us or know someone else who may be interested, please reach out. Our event will take place a few days before Art Basel kicks off.

If you aren’t able to make our upcoming dinners in San Francisco or Miami but want to be included for future events, let us know

We are beginning to plan our H1 2024 event schedule. If you’re interested in co-hosting an event with Dinara, please reach out to our team. 

Are you building in crypto and looking for crypto banking services, custody, and fiat on/off ramp support? Reach out to, or visit us at

The Dinara Team

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