October 5, 2023
Dinara Digest: September 2023
We’re excited to share with you updates on our team’s progress in September. This monthly newsletter is dedicated to sharing product updates, announcements, and more that is happening at Dinara.

Check out Dinara’s highlights from September:

🔜 an overview of our near-term potential product roadmap, which is focused on products that will support some of the most critical needs our customers have. We take a customer-driven approach to product development, and are genuinely appreciative of the candid feedback provided to us by our existing customer base.

💻 launched our read-only API solution that allows our customers to access key account information and integrate it seamlessly with other applications in their financial operations stack.

🎟️ attended Permissionless, Mainnet, North Island Ventures Summit, Cryptio's Crypto Finance Forum, the Real World Asset Summit, and co-hosted a Crypto Operations Community Brunch with Vouch Insurance and Magna, where we met with customers, continued to get the word out about Dinara, and learned about other exciting developments in our industry.

🤝 heard from one of our customers that we provided the introduction for them to the VC that is leading their upcoming financing!

🎰 our co-founders Laurence Latimer and Keith Dallara will be in Las Vegas for Money20/20 in late October. If you’re attending or considering attending Money20/20, please reach out! We’d love to connect live.

🍽️ we’ll be hosting several intimate dinners in October in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. If you’re interested in joining us, please let us know. We’d love to see you in person! Considering the interest we’ve received already, we are likely to host several events in November as well.

Some photos from our team’s travels in September!

If you’re interested in learning more about Dinara, please reach out to sales@dinara.com.

If you’re interested in what we’re building, we’d love your support on social media: Twitter/X | LinkedIn

🔍 Quarterly Business Reviews & Potential Product Roadmap Highlights

Throughout September, we held quarterly check-ins with our customers to get an update on their progress and give them a forum to share feedback with us on both our existing products and what they want to see from products on our near-term roadmap.

The feedback on our existing products has been exceptionally positive and the candor with which our customers continue to share feedback – both positive and constructive – is greatly appreciated and not something we take for granted.

Below are some highlights from our QBRs and insight into what we’re working on right now. 

🧑‍🎓 Lessons Learned

  • There is real value in a platform that can be an all-in-one solution to manage a team’s financial operations. Dinara already delivers a much improved experience for the core use cases it solves, and the platform will become even more powerful as additional products and services are added.
  • A platform that can provide seamless connectivity to the traditional finance system is key for companies in crypto. Dinara’s fiat on/off ramp product has quickly become integral to the weekly and monthly workflows that our customers have.
  • Abstracting complicated crypto UX away from our end users is critical. While many of our customers are crypto savvy, making the platform powerfully simple for non-technical users and those coming from traditional CFO backgrounds continues to be a point of pride and emphasis for our team.

🗺️ Potential Product Roadmap Highlights

  • Wallet Connect 💼. We have recognized through conversations with customers and others in our pipeline that some have workflows and interactions that currently sit outside of Dinara, unique to crypto-focused teams. Dinara customers will soon be able to connect their accounts to off-platform web3 and decentralized applications, enabling them to access a wide range of use cases without having to leave the security of their Dinara wallet.
  • Staking 🥩. Institutions and corporates are increasingly interested in generating yield via staking products, and we are looking at ways to support firms holding proof of stake assets as part of their long-term treasury and network participation strategies.
  • On-Chain Yield 💰. Many of our customers are looking for ways to generate yield on idle or excess assets, and this has only become more pronounced in the current market environment as finance and operations teams look for low-risk opportunities to extend their runway.
  • Crypto Card Program 💳. We are hearing more and more that as startups, protocols, and growth-stage companies in the crypto ecosystem scale their operations, they are finding a need for a card program that allows them to pay for day-to-day corporate transactions from their digital asset holdings, and ties into seamless spend management tooling.

If you are interested in any of the product roadmap items shared above, please reach out. We’d love to chat and learn more about how we can support you.

✨ New Products & Solutions

Our team continues to improve and add to our suite of products, delivering support for the core financial services workflows that our customers need. More to come!

💻 Read-Only API Access

During September we launched read-only API access availability for our customers, allowing them to access key account information – e.g., balances and transactions – through our API. 

Our customers are now able to access and integrate this information with other applications in their financial operations stack. Some simple examples of how this can be used:

  • A startup that wants to pull its balances and transactions data from its Dinara account into their accounting application for ease of reconciling their Dinara transactions with others across the organization.
  • A VC firm that wants to pull its holding and activity data from its Dinara accounts directly into their fund administration dashboard.

✨ Upcoming Events

Our team was all over the US in September meeting with customers and partners along the way.

It was inspiring to learn more about the incredible products being developed and scaled in our industry. It was also great to see old friends and make some new ones. There is something special about IRL events! 

We already have some great events lined up for October:

🎰 Money20/20 & Related Events

We are expecting to have several team members at Money20/20 the week of October 23rd. If you are in Las Vegas that week and want to connect, reach out

🎬 Dinner with Dinara in Los Angeles

We’ll be hosting a ~15-person dinner in Los Angeles for other crypto founders, operators, and investors. If you’re interested in joining us or know someone else building in crypto who may be interested, please reach out. We have a couple seats remaining but expect to hit capacity soon!

🌉 Dinner with Dinara in San Francisco

We’ll be hosting a 16-person dinner in San Francisco for other crypto founders and operators. If you’re interested in joining us or know someone else who may be, please reach out. We are just about at capacity, but will open a waitlist for the event.

⛰️ Dinner with Dinara in Seattle

We’ll be hosting a ~10-15-person dinner in Seattle in late October for other crypto founders and operators. If you’re interested in joining us or know someone else  who may be interested, please reach out.

If you aren’t able to make our dinners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle this month but want to be included for future events, let us know

We expect to host at least one event in San Francisco and Los Angeles most months, and 1-2 events in Seattle and Miami every quarter. 

Are you building in crypto and looking for crypto banking services, custody, and fiat on/off ramp support? Reach out to sales@dinara.com, or visit us at www.dinara.com

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