September 21, 2023
Dinara Welcomes Propeller Industries to its Partner Network

Announcing our partnership with Propeller Industries, the leading fractional CFO firm for crypto startups

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Propeller Industries, one of Dinara Connect’s launch partners. Propeller plays a crucial role for early-stage teams building in crypto, stepping in to provide financial services expertise for teams not yet in need of full-time talent. Propeller has helped dozens of crypto startups navigate their early days, including the Solana Foundation and Messari, proving itself as a trusted partner for innovative teams. 

Dinara will offer Propeller clients preferred pricing and early product access to help remove the friction and cost often associated with finding a banking services partner. Dinara's secure, fully integrated platform makes it quick and easy to send, receive, convert and manage both crypto assets and fiat currencies, creating a frictionless experience for clients.

"Propeller and Dinara both work closely with those building in the early stage crypto ecosystem to enable thoughtful and efficient growth. We are excited to join Dinara Connect and support early stage companies alongside Dinara by ensuring founding and finance teams have access to the services they need, when they need them,” said Sam Leichman, digital assets practice lead for Propeller.

In partnership with Propeller, Dinara is working to support those already building with Propeller to safely and seamlessly manage their financial operations, and help new crypto companies and projects access Propeller’s enterprise-grade, cost-effective financial services solutions. Startups and businesses leveraging Propeller can focus more time and effort building the innovative products that will help crypto fulfill its potential, improving their chances of success.

“Bringing together a network of institutional partners is not only great for our customers, as it helps them get access to the services they need to operate and scale efficiently, but also for the crypto industry at large,” said Laurence Latimer, co-founder and CEO at Dinara. “Propeller plays a key role in the crypto economy, stepping in to provide critical financial services expertise for early-stage teams not yet in need of full-time talent. Hiring too early can create unexpected challenges, while not solving for the finance function at all can hamstring a company’s growth significantly – Propeller helps companies navigate this middle ground.”

To learn more about Dinara’s crypto banking services, please visit or reach out to Read more here.

About Propeller Industries, LLC

Propeller Industries is a leading strategic finance and accounting partner for venture-stage businesses. Propeller leverages its fractional team model, deep industry pattern-recognition, scalable technology stack and global operating platform to deliver real-time reporting and analytics to founders and management teams trying to navigate the challenges of growth. Propeller is headquartered in New York, NY. To learn more, visit

About Dinara 

Dinara makes business banking services for crypto companies simple, secure, and seamless. With Dinara, crypto startups and VCs can streamline their financial operations across the organization – from custody and trading to treasury management, payments, and reporting. Dinara provides one integrated solution where teams can hold or transact with crypto and fiat, all on a regulatory compliant platform. Together with its partners, Dinara is bringing institutional services to those building in the crypto economy. Dinara is backed by top-tier crypto investors, including Archetype, Castle Island, North Island Ventures, and B Capital. To learn more, visit

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