August 10, 2023
Goodwill Hunting: Why Onboarding Experience Matters
At Dinara, we have committed meaningful resources to ensuring your onboarding experience is easy, intuitive, and efficient – we measure our turnaround time in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Much has been made about the onboarding of new users into the crypto ecosystem, and the high-friction nature of converting someone to using innovative but highly-technical (and sometimes esoteric) new products.

That concern is often focused on the attraction of new retail users, but it exists for institutions and businesses as well. Even those building products native to crypto face onboarding challenges when accessing the services that support and empower their growth. Opening up an account with different banking, custody, and exchange partners can be a painful process, requiring weeks (if not months) of a team’s time, redundant data requests, and seemingly endless back and forth.

At Dinara, we want to change that. 

Our North Star is delivering the best customer experience in financial services for companies transacting in digital assets. A company’s onboarding experience is their first impression of our platform and team, and we believe it sets the tone for the type of service and relationship we want to deliver.

Why does this matter?

It helps new users understand and familiarize themselves with the platform quickly, leaving more time for our customers to focus their efforts on building their business

Our belief is that Dinara should streamline your team’s financial operations and minimize the amount of time spent managing your financial operations infrastructure. 

An effective onboarding process isn’t just about getting you onto the platform, but helping you use our products as efficiently as possible. Once approved, Dinara users have full access to our platform. We believe that Dinara can save you hours a month across workflows, and want you to feel those savings from day one.

It is difficult enough building in crypto; managing your digital assets infrastructure shouldn’t be an additional source of headache.

It sets the foundation for more active and engaged users

Building customer equity from the onboarding process forward is critical to generating an active and engaged user base. If your first experience with a new platform is underwhelming, that feeling can bleed into your initial desire to use it, particularly for workflows as operationally important as managing a company’s financial assets.

We want to deliver an experience that generates more excitement for what you can do with Dinara, and one that helps position us as a value-additive partner for you. 

It establishes trust in the platform, both in our product and how we manage our business operationally

Building customer equity from the onboarding process forward is critical to delivering a product that is institutional and feels like that. Dinara is building for a future in which any company can (and will) interact with crypto. That future demands the robust financial services infrastructure that traditional businesses enjoy in the fiat system today. In that future, trust should be the rule, rather than the exception.

While we adhere to crypto’s “don’t trust, verify” ethos – all assets on Dinara are independently verifiable at any time on the public blockchain explorer of your choice –  we want to build relationships and experiences that evoke trust even at a time when it is most difficult to earn. 

The onboarding experience doesn’t end with onboarding

Many firms may consider their job complete once a customer is onboarded. We could not disagree more.

As businesses look to open up more accounts, manage new legal entities, and bring on additional team members, the onboarding experience continues to be tested. It is far more difficult than it should be to open up new accounts or legal entities through existing vendors elsewhere, and managing permissions across team members often invites unnecessary security concessions. 

Some stories we have heard directly from founders and financial operations teams in crypto, when dealing with vendors for which they are already existing clients:

Forced to generate dozens of new email addresses to enable new sub-account formation with their custodian and exchange partners, as each sub-account requires a unique email login;

  • New account formation has required redundant document submission and weeks (if not months) to complete an approval process;
  • Password sharing via insecure spreadsheets.

Dinara makes it seamless to open up an unlimited number of new accounts and legal entities once you are on our platform, and straightforward to manage user-by-user permissions at the account level.


It shouldn’t take weeks to onboard with a vendor whose service exists to support your team’s success and growth. And it shouldn’t take headaches and additional friction to use those services effectively, and scale them with your business when needed.

We’d love to support what you’re building, and the first step in that is making sure we deliver on our promise of a better onboarding experience.

Are you looking for a crypto-friendly banking services partner? Reach out to or visit us at

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