September 4, 2023
Dinara Digest: August 2023
Highlights from August are below:

🤝 the launch of Dinara Connect, our comprehensive partner network initiative designed to support founders’ and businesses’ access to institutional services when they need them. Please reach out to if you are interested in learning more.

💸 the launch of our fiat on-ramp solution – easily convert USD from your fiat bank account into stablecoins with Dinara.

🍽️ we’ll be at several of the upcoming conferences, including Permissionless and Mainnet. We’d love to meet you in person!

If you’re interested in what we’re building, we’d love your support on social media: Twitter/X | LinkedIn

🤝 Dinara Connect

In August, we launched Dinara Connect, a comprehensive partner network initiative that brings together trusted institutional partners for our clients, helping them build faster and more efficiently.

Dinara Connect will provide startups, VCs, and other businesses with access to leading financial, legal, technical, and advisory providers. We believe this is the first step to creating an enterprise-grade infrastructure stack that helps crypto projects and business lines get off the ground and legitimize the crypto industry’s approach to company building. Join us.

🙋 Why

Over the last 18 months, we have spoken with more than 1,000 founders, GPs, and financial operations professionals in the crypto ecosystem. It became clear to us, particularly since launching our closed alpha at the end of 2022, that founding teams and operations leaders in crypto face meaningful challenges to efficiently finding and vetting institutional partners. Unlike the traditional startup landscape, there isn’t yet a coordinated approach to early stage crypto company support.

Many founders are left improvising when they need support, choosing ad hoc point solutions without a clear understanding of when each one will be needed, and where to go to find them. We believe that the right suite of tools and relationships at the right time can help founders navigate this uncertainty and the complexities of early stage crypto building. 

 📇 Who

We have launched with a select number of launch partners, including Bitwave, Chainalysis, Fenwick, Propeller Industries, QuickNode, TaxBit, and Vouch. We expect to expand this initiative to include a variety of services that are widely needed across the ecosystem, focusing on foundational relationships in which we can be additive and that drive value to our customers.

If you are a founder or operations leader looking for crypto banking services or support from any of our partners, please reach out. We’d also welcome talking with any providers who support the early stage crypto ecosystem to learn more about the companies you work with and how you might be able to support our clients.

✨ New Products & Solutions

Our team continues to improve and add to our suite of products, delivering support for the core financial services workflows that our customers need. We are excited to share the progress we’ve made in recent weeks. More to come!

💸 Fiat On-Ramps

We announced the launch of our off-ramp solution in July and were excited to add on-ramp support in August. With this comprehensive solution, firms can seamlessly convert fiat from their bank account into stablecoins in their Dinara account. This is critical for firms that need to convert USD into crypto to make payments or add to their digital asset holdings, and VCs looking to streamline their investment workflows. 

✨ Upcoming Events

🤠 Permissionless

Our co-founder and CEO Laurence Latimer will be in Austin, TX at Permissionless from September 11-13th. Please reach out if you’ll be in town and want to connect!

Please reach out if you’re interested in our next event – we expect to host or co-host ~one dinner a month in the Bay Area going forward.

🗽 Mainnet & Related Events

We will have several team members at Mainnet and various other events the week of September 18th. If you’re in the New York City area that week and want to connect, reach out! 

Are you building in crypto and looking for crypto banking services, custody, and fiat off-ramp support? Reach out to, or visit us at

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